Union Bank and Trust

14400 Davenport St, Omaha, NE

One of our 2021 projects kicking off is Union Bank and Trust just South of Dodge on 144th St. See our Foundation and Wall crews in action as they construct the base pads and footings for this large project. As we start building from the ground up, accuracy, precision and communication are keys to success. We'll keep you posted as Union Bank and Trust gets going.

Union 4 - Marcos guys.jpg
Union Footings 3 - Marco guys.jpg
Union Panoramic.jpg
Echo Hills 2.jpg

Echo Hills Apartments

Echo Hills Up High.jpg
ND EH3.jpg

Stonebridge church

15801 Butler Avenue
Stonebridge Before.jpg
Stonebridge After.PNG

MCCI is proud to be a part of the Stonebridge Church addition just northwest of 156th and Maple. Our Flatwork crews finished up the exterior concrete this month while our Prep Crews are forming the risers for the buildings interior. We put 100% quality  into each and every pour. From the project's pre-planning to it's execution our team is engaged for every step in the process.  We are dedicated, we are passionate, we are MCCI.

November  2020
December 2020

Forest lawn mausoleum

7909 Mormon Bridge Road

Forest Lawn.jpg
Forest Lawn Pic.jpg
Forest Lawn 2.jpg

    One of our projects still under in the works, Forest Lawn Mausoleum is the newest addition to the vast Forest Lawn Memorial Park. Here you can see the great amount of detail on these crypts and walls. 


little italy apartments

925 Pierce St. Downtown Omaha

          MCCI takes pride in the workmanship put into this project. Our foundation, wall, flatwork and paving crews performed excellent work inside and out. Little Italy Apartments is now open and moving in tenants. If you are in the Downtown Omaha area stop by and check out this beautiful building!  


west center village

204th and West Center Rd. in Elkhorn

            The West Center Village Apartments are currently in production and will be a sight to see upon completion. West Center Village showcases a sleek modern design and an elevated pool deck. We are proud to be a part of this Calabretto project. 

North cotner apartments

225 N. Cotner Blvd - Lincoln, NE

       The North Cotner Apartments in Lincoln are nearing completion! Hats off to Jay's Wall and Foundation crew for their high quality work on a very detailed structural project. These towering apartments will be completed early next year.